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Cloud Services, iCloud, Google Apps

Swara Infotech helps you select and customize cloud services for your data.

Cloud-based services are becoming an integral part of our lives. We share our photos and videos, email from mobile devices, sync our calendars and contacts, and coordinate schedules and documents with our families and friends. The cloud can provide an amazingly simple way to stay connected to all of your date.

The cloud can also be confusing and problematic. Almost every cloud services has many competing solutions (DropBox vs., iCloud vs Google Apps, the list goes on). Many “free” services have strict limitations, while other pay services have poor support. At Swara Infotech, we help our customers find, implement, and customize the right solutions to keep their data safe and accessible.

Cloud Service Details

Swara Infotech can help you compare and implement the latest cloud services to do the following:

 Access your email (including the folders) from any computer or mobile device
 Sync and share your calendars with friends and family, and on the go
 Back up your documents, photos, videos, and other data securely to the cloud
 Collaborate on documents with friends and family without using email
 Backup and sync contacts across multiple devices
 Avoid paying for expensive software
 Understand the difference between various providers and pricing tiers
 Migrate your data between cloud services

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