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Email Service

Swara Infotech helps businesses keep their users' email, contacts, and calendars available
and secure using cloud or hosted technologies.

Email, Calendar, and Contacts are becoming an increasingly central aspect of business. Are your email services reliable? Are you losing emails and time to poor spam filters? Is your email backed up? Can you sync your mail, calendar, and contacts to the cloud allowing you to access them from anywhere and share resources with employees?

Many companies are limping along with older email technology, either in the form of limited-feature free email from their web host, or old and unreliable email servers. At S
wara Infotech, we help clients modernize their email, calendar and contact solutions. You’ll be amazed at the seamless transition. swara infotech specializes in three powerful, corporate strength solutions, each of which provides you with a secure, powerful, mobile-friendly, spam-free workflow.

Email, Calendar and Contacts Details


Amazing reliability, including SLA reliability guarantees up to 99.9% uptime
All email, calendar, contact data is backed up and synced to a server, allowing you to work however and wherever you like, including desktop, laptop, mobile device, iPad, and guest computers. Wherever you go, your email, calendar, and contacts are waiting
Excellent anti-spam technologies
Huge storage capacities (unlimited in some cases) with large attachments
Works with Microsoft Outlook (Mac or PC), Apple Mail, Thunderbird, etc.
Corporate features such as email delegation (share an inbox), group calendars, group contacts, and public folders
Document sharing via SharePoint and Google Docs
Call us today to learn more about what you can do to improve your email, calendar, contacts, and more. No job is too big or too small. Take advantage of our free consultation to learn which solution is right for you. swara infotech specializes in three primary solutions: Google Apps, Microsoft Exchange Server, and Hosted Exchange.

Google Apps for Business

Google Apps is the rising star of the email/calendar/contacts industry for businesses. Google Apps is arguably the most reliable, secure, affordable, and feature-filled solution available – all in one product. As a Google Apps Authorized Reseller, Swara Infotech has a direct relationship with Google and an intimate knowledge of the product. Google Apps is our favorite solution, and excels at almost every aspect when compared to its competition. Offering free and paid versions, Google Apps offers features such as:
Affordable pricing, a (limited) free option, and a powerful free Nonprofit Edition
Webmail through the popular Gmail interface
Powerful migration tools for a painless migration from your old service
Seamless integration with Outlook, OS X, mobile devices
Integration with other Google services such as Google Docs
Expandability through the Google Apps Marketplace
99.9% SLA uptime guarantee, with best-in-class uptime monitoring and incident reporting (see our blog article about Google Apps reliability)
Google Apps is improving at an amazing rate. New features are added almost every week. Contact us to learn how easy it is to transition to our favorite email, calendar, and contact solution today.

Hosted Microsoft Exchange

For those that prefer the traditional Microsoft Exchange experience, but don’t want the hassle and respoer insibility of hosting their own server,
wara Infotech offers Hosted Exchange service. You’ll get all the advantages of a traditional Exchange server, without having to back up, monitor, or troubleshoot a server. This option is good for companies that rely on Microsoft-specific functionalities such as:
Best-in-class integration with Outlook
Best-in-class integration with OS X
Webmail through the popular Outlook Web Access
Powerful sharing of Contacts through Public Folders
Unlimited mailbox size
Extremely high reliability

Local Microsoft Exchange Server

The cloud is not for everyone. Some organizations have company policies or industry regulations which require them to keep their data within their four walls. For those customers who need their own server, we support the traditional Microsoft Exchange Server self-hosted model. We'll help you order a new server, connect it to your network, and configure it to be a powerful email, calendar, and contacts server for your organization. You'll have 100% control of your own data, but still be able to access it on the road from your mobile devices. Once the Exchange Server is set up, we'll help you keep your server backed up, reliable, prepared for disasters, and safe from viruses.

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