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On-Site and In-Office IT Support

Swara Infotech provides on-site IT support to local businesses and nonprofits. We come to you to provide tech support, IT services, and training.

Who do you call when you need IT support for your company’s workstations and servers? Swara Infotech has
a team of field technicians who are available to come to your office in the Pune
Area to assist you and your employees with computer repair, IT support, and server maintenance. With our On-Site IT Support service, you get one-on-one support directly from an IT professional.

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that a professional technology consultant is always a phone call away. Pune
Area on-site IT Support is our most popular service and it allows hundreds of local businesses to run smoothly, day in and day out. If you want to learn more about how On-Site IT Support can help your business stay online, safe, and secure, just contact us today for a free consultation.

On-Site Support has the following key advantages:

On-Site IT Support Details


 Communicate directly with our technicians, and enjoy one-on-one tech support
 On-site technicians can handle a number of different tasks, and help multiple users
 Easily troubleshoot networks and other issues which are difficult to address remotely
 Whenever possible, we do a quick survey of your location to make sure no important IT issues are going unnoticed
 Also, learn about our Remote Support option, which we offer in tandem with On-Site Support to round out our IT service offering.

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