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Server Management and Support
Swara Infotech provides server management and configuration to businesses in the Pune Area.

Your server is the center of your company’s data infrastructure. It needs to be reliable, accessible, secure, and fast. It must have enough storage to hold all of your documents, and must be properly backed up. Your server must be regularly managed, monitored, and maintained.

Have you checked on your server’s health recently? Most businesses are too busy doing what makes them excel to bother with server maintenance. Most businesses aren’t sure what new server technology to use, or how to balance the traditional server model against the newer cloud-based model.

That’s where S
wara Infotech comes in. We can lend our years of experience and up-to-date technical expertise to help you select and maintain the correct server technology.

Server Management Details


Swara Infotech can help ensure that:

 Your server is backed up properly, with full backup reporting
 Your server is running smoothly and reliably, with no hidden errors
 Your server data is accessible in your office or in the field
 Your mail server is reliable and protected from spam
 You have an upgrade path and a plan for future server upgrades

Swara Infotech  specializes in:

 Server selection, configuration, and deployment
 Windows Server, Apple OS X Server
 Advanced server backup techniques including off-site, internet, and continuous backup.
 Server maintenance and monitoring
 Microsoft Exchange Server for self-hosted email solutions
 Active Directory and Workgroups for centralized management
 Remote Desktop and Terminal Services
 Application Server technologies including QuickBooks, EDI, FileMaker, SQL databases, and more.
 Cloud-based server technology such as DropBox, Amazon Web Services, SugarSync, and more.

If you need help with your company’s server, don’t hesitate to contact us about our free consultation offer to local businesses. We’ll look at your server, evaluate its strengths and weaknesses, and provide our plan at no cost with no obligation.

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