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Business Virus Removal & Protection

Swara Infotech provides virus removal service and endpoint protection from malware
to Pune Area businesses.

Are your computers safely protected from viruses, malware, spyware, and other online threats? Is your antivirus subscription up-to-date? Is your protection efficient and quiet, or does it slow down your computers and constantly bother employees with upgrade and scan reminder notices? Do you have just one license, or do you need to keep updating separate licenses with different expiration dates?

wara Infotech can help take the headache out of antivirus and endpoint security. We are constantly testing and working with a large variety of antimalware solutions, and always striving to find better, more affordable solutions for our customers. We make our recommendations based on what really works, not based on what software
vendor offers us kickbacks (as so many other companies do). In fact, we often recommend the free and powerful
Microsoft Security Essentials where it is appropriate (including for some businesses).

Virus Protection & Removal Details

We make custom antivirus recommendations for our clients. Contact us about our free consultation for qualifying businesses and we’ll evaluate your current solution, make an improved recommendation, and price out the set up. Our antivirus solutions offer the following benefits:

 Effective virus, malware, and website protection
 Fully automatic scanning with no user interaction, no popups
 Light, powerful antivirus that does not slow down your computers
 Affordable pricing for small business
 Training available for employees on best practices to avoid viruses
 Virus protection for servers, email, and more

Contact us today for a free consultation to learn about how we can help protect your workstations and data with affordable, business-class protection.

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