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WordPress Hosting & Maintenance

Swara I
nfotech is proud to offer our own Managed WordPress Hosting & Maintenance. Our hosting is fast,
secure, always up-to-date, and worry-free.

Our Managed Hosting features the following:

Automatic Upgrades. WordPress will be upgraded automatically for security and features.
Security. Your site will be regularly scanned for security and any issues will be fixed for you.
Backup. We will maintain daily backups of the entire site going back 30 days.
Performance. Pages load lightning fast. Check out our own site for an example.
Reliability. Your site will be up and ready when you need it most.
Hack Protection Guarantee. If your site is hacked, CC will fix the problem free of charge.
Support. CC will be available for immediate support during business hours. 24/7 support is included.
Unlimited Storage. Truly unlimited storage using LargeFS and Amazon S3.
Extras. CDN (for speed), SSL (for security), site monitoring, and yearly review all included.

The Challenge of WordPress Hosting


Most web hosts aren’t optimized for WordPress. On a typical host, a WordPress site will become insecure over time as new versions of WordPress and security releases come out, and nobody takes the time to install them. Big hosts offer backups, but not specifically for WordPress, making the restore process iffy and painful.

Our Managed Solution


Our solution is a managed solution - we’ll take care of everything. You now have one source for hosting, support, performance, security, backups, and more. We’ll actively monitor your site for uptime (with reporting) and we’ll keep WordPress up to date so you don’t have to worry about (or pay for) upgrades to stay secure and get new features. On top of that, we offer some of the most powerful and fast hosting on the market today.

If you don’t want to use our hosting, you are welcome to bring your own (BYO). We’ll do our best to keep your site secure, backed up, and performing well, but we charge for that service and can’t offer the same guarantees as we can with out managed hosting. Our Managed WordPress Hosting & Maintenance
Our Charges :- (Call Us)

The True Costs of Hosting


BYO hosting can end up costing per year! Switch to Our Charges :- (Call Us)
Managed WordPress Hosting & Maintenance today to solve the WordPress hosting problem and put your site safely in good hands.

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