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Web Marketing Strategy

Web marketing optimizes your website to get you more customers

Do you have a website? How many people visit it per day? What percentage of them actually become your customers? Every website visitor is an opportunity – one that can disappear after a single page view. How have you optimized your website to turn anonymous visitors into real contacts, customers, and leads?

Our main formula for website success is very simple:

number of customers = number of visitors x conversion rate

In order to get you more customers, we must get you more visitors, and convert more of them into actual customers. To get more visitors, we use our Search Engine Optimization process. Once a visitor arrives at your site, we use our web marketing consultation to help you convert them into a customer. Web marketing includes a wide array of strategies and techniques including rewriting content, reorganizing site structure, creating a simple and effective home page, adding conversion steps (e.g. “buy now”, “call for a free consultation”), using social media, mobile optimization, and more. To learn more about how we can help optimize your website for marketing, call us for a free consultation.

Web Marketing Details


Web marketing is a very general term to cover a wide array of strategies. Swara Infotech
is available to consult on any of the following areas:

 Online advertising
 Search Engine Optimization
 Copywriting and content creation
 Social media campaigns
 Email marketing
 Analyzing your website pros and cons
 Google Analytics and conversion reporting
 Conversion steps and action steps
 Usability and usage study
 Offers and giveaways

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